Singers’ feedback

They worked their voice with Raphaël Sikorski

I was delighted to work with Raphaël Sikorski and I discovered an excellent pedagog, enthusiastic about his vocation. He is both a huge voice technician and a very subtle musician. He is able to guide young blossoming singers and help experienced singers. Moreover, his experience as an actor allows him to work with theatrical expression whether for performance of a role or when preparing a recital.
I wish him all the best for his Festival.
Natalie Dessay, Soprano

I have been working with Raphaël for four years. Thanks to a general knowledge of the vocal instrument and of different singing techniques, Raphaël is able to detect the technical blockage in each singer and give the artist the exercises he needs to erase these blockages. Raphaël never imposes a way of singing as a rule, but as one fits a glove to a hand, he is able to bring out the vocal and artistic potential of each artist. 
Rolando Villazon, Tenor

My vocal work with Raphaël Sikorski started in February 2009. I am turning 50, and I am on stage about 9 months out of 12. It is vital to have vocal control. I am in constant serch for the ideal of perfection in singing. I sing Mezzo pieces ranging from highnotes to very low ones, which is not so easy. I was immediately confident with his technical concern. He is empathetic and he has thought through everything. In three years (I met him after a vocal strings surgery) he rebuilt my vocal instrument and my voice bloomed. I leave his training courses full of positive energ . He comes to see his artists on stage as much as he can, happy to see that the work we do with the piano becomes a success at the Opera. What else can I say ? He is precious to me and I would not change my teacher for anything! Thank you Raphaël !
Marie-Ange Todorovitch, Mezzo-soprano

Work sessions with Raphaël are based on the awareness of our body and of our own technique, without forgetting the part played by psychology. Raphaël Sikorski has the skills to analyze and understand  the person in front of him and to help him discover the potential of his voice. The work can be tiring both physically and mentally. It can even be destabilizing when we must face our own limits. However when the training is over, the results are astonishing, providing more confidence in oneself and the mastery of the voice is enforced.
Vito Priante, Barytone

A meeting with Mr Sikorski is the kind that helps you to progress while making you more autonomous. His work allows you to apprehend every new sensation. His work enables you to better recognize and put a name on each new sensation. He explains each physical phenomenon which results from your choices, and he suggests others, always in the interest of guiding you towards the perfect technical gesture: simple, efficient and free. His analysis is the essential tool for a real understanding of your voice : erasing your mistakes, enhancing your qualities and making you feel more like an artist.
Sébastien Guèze, Ténor

I started working with Raphaël Sikorski five years ago. Those years were very profitable for my career as an artist and for my vocal development. His work, essentially based on the natural vocal emission,  good command of breath and a vast knowledge of singing physiology, allowed me to forge a voice anchored in the body, free of useless muscular tensions. It also allowed me to use a healthy and operational instrument in almost every circumstance. His consideration for his students, for their particularities and their background, in addition to his precise technical work and a vast musical and theatrical culture, make moments of work with Raphaël Sikorski  precious and essential for a singer with a professional career, constantly confronted with the expectations of a demanding public.
Valérie Gabail, Soprano

As a soloist and as any singer who is careful of his instrument, I need a regular checkup with a master to adjust, correct and help to solve the numerous technical problems that may arise. Raphaël Sikorski is my vocal coach. He is in fact the outside ear which helps me to challenge myself and go further in the practice of my difficult art of singing. He knows how to anticipate, prevent and hear technical problems. He is a strong support. Solo performance is perilous work, stressful and it is necessary and healthy to be able to entrust the voice to a person of confidence.Mr Sikorski is a great professional and his knowledge of the voice helps me to find this necessary confidence.
Gaëlle Méchaly, Soprano

Key words of Raphaël lessons could be autonomy and security. He explains to the singer the right gesture of vocal emission. Using anatomical charts to figure out the instrument, he provides the opportunity to achieve mastery. This work needs body, breath and sub-glottis awareness. Risk-taking is put aside, leaving room for the pleasure of nuances and interpretation.
Sophie Pondjiclis, Mezzo-Soprano

Four years ago, I met Raphaël Sikorski. After graduation from Boulogne I was looking for a teacher who could really help me. I had a lot of vocal fatigue and because of a hormonal disease I was sensitive on the left vocal string. I searched everywhere for someone dealing with singers like me and after a talk with Professor Elisabeth Fresnel, I was recommended to Raphaël. After two lessons I felt “reborn “. He had already worked with singers like me; he already dealt with singers having the same problem as me. I felt he knew how to approach my voice, that he had the key to give me more strength. I put my faith in this teacher. He healed me and helped me to sing better and better. This work with him was and still is essential.
Dominique Mc Cormick, Soprano

I have been seeing Raphaël for three years. I appreciate his empathy and the quality of his judgement. He is careful to give answers to questions related with the particular style, such as baroque music, which is the style which mainly concerns me. He always keeps in mind a global evolution of the voice and an opening to other horizons which is for a longterm professional singer like me a source of renewal and of joy.
Jean-François Novelli, Ténor

I had worked with several vocal coaches before I arriving at Raphaël Sikorski’s training course. The first thing I realized with him was his way to explain the vocal gesture with a clear vocabulary, very different from the mystery to which other teachers refer.
I found this clear vocabulary in the technical exercises exploring vocal tessitura, in the choice of a repertoire adapted to me and to the professional environment. Following Raphaël Sikorski’s advice I realized I could produce very high notes and now I am working on a repertoire adapted to these new vocal characteristics.
Christine Rigaud, Soprano

When I joined Raphaël Sikorski’s training lessons, I met a teacher able to explain for the first time the way the vocal mechanism was working precisely. Almost in the same way that a mechanic might explain the movement of the pistons which facilitate the arrival of gas when the belts engage the engine. This perfect knowledge of technique allows Raphaël to give us the tools to manage a demanding piece by, for example, knowing how to position our larynx between two phrases that would have pushed it up. But all of this is understandable when we know that Raphaël’s studio is located in the Voice Laboratory .
Loïc Felix, Tenor

The work done with Raphaël Sikorski is of a rare quality. In his training lessons we work on true things normally known to singers and teachers on a very vague basis. These points are never worked on deeply. The concept of support and breath, which are the real bases for lyric singing, are really obtained with Raphaël Sikorski’s methods. Moreover, in this case, the satisfaction of the student’s needs is so precise that one is really convinced of this approach. 
Juan Sancho, Tenor

Because of the diversity of my work, I have to go from contemporary music, operetta, oratorio, musical theatre, to songs… Thus I need a professional technical and musical support in order to be serene and  n the best artistic condition to perform in the different productions I work with. This is precisely what I do with the precious help of Raphaël Sikorski.
Edwige Bourdy, Soprano

I took the decision of working with Raphaël Sikorski about a year ago in order to consolidate my voice technique and reach another level. After the very first training, I found what I was looking for : a precise description of the difficulties encountered. As for every strong thing that works, Raphaël recipes are simple and explained clearly. If certain basics have been missed during technical training, we work on them. If difficulties are elsewhere, we search for a solution together knowing with quiet assurance that we will find one sooner or later.
Sebastien Lemoine, Baryton

Voice development is essential for a lyric singer and only an experienced vocal coach can do it. Raphaël Sikorski is a great guide with a huge knowledge of vocal and breathing techniques, and his knowledge of mechanical and physical work of the phonic tool. His human qualities help the singer to give the best he has. Indeed, the psychological dimension is essential in singing and in the work of a lyric singer.
Vianney Guyonnet, Baryton-basse

Raphaël Sikorski opens a new way to vocal technique and career understanding !
Herbert Perry, Basse

I started working with Raphaël Sikorski as a vocal coach a few years ago. We prepared several roles such as Turandot and Lady Macbeth for the stage. He is a responsible and reliable coach as well as a friend.
Vera Wenkert, Soprano Dramatique

I started working with Raphaël in 2005. I was a professional singer for years and was dissatisfied with my vocal technique. I had several steps to climb and now my voice is transformed. It allows me to perform the medieval repertoire as never before. This repertoire needs a very pure and natural voice. The slightest defect can be noticed. Thank you Raphaël for the good work done with happiness and pleasure.
Catherine Ravenne, Contralto

Going to a training session with Raphaël is always a moment of vocal pleasure which is is very important for a singer ( beginner or not ). Everything is precise, simple and explained. Improvements come quickly because the relationship with Raphaël is so easy. All of this is verified, when people around you ask: “ What did you do ?” What improvements ! “Who are you working with ?” Then you give Mr Sikorski’s number !”
Jacques Lemaire, Tenor